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all I seem to do is work.  I thought you work should enable me to have a life
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On one hand I want kids.  I am smart enough to know "properly raised children requires a traditional family"  Husband, Wife, pets.

My problem is the selection of women to choose from.

If the girl is interested in my pursuing a permanent relationship raising children.  Why is it that most of the women I run into are willing to admit that they have a history of cheating on their partners, use of serious illegal drugs, or years of abuse? 

I realize we all have our baggage and things we wish had not happened.  But Why do I keep finding them.

You know it is a sad state of the world when all one wishes is to fall in love with someone that has not had years of sexual or drug abuse, and a history of cheating

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You know there are some days you just want  to whine about how miserable things are at work or home.

And yet. What will people think of you? If you whine about work. Will your boss think, "What an ungrateful SOB, and How dare he make fun of my pointy hair." ( dilbert reference). Then what do you do because you were fired......

But more importantly what will others say about my insignificant problem versus what is going on in other peoples lives. Miss that promotion, not get that cool new assignment,  what no bonus this year, loose your significant other.    I know the correct response is the same that was told to Jerry Doyle from Babalon 5. "Put on your space suit, shoot your ray gun, send me your pay check" After all there are people starving to death, or being murdered for their beliefs."

I want to whine, but nothing in my life is so bad that it warrants whining. 

TTFN See I whined about not being able to whine.
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One of the reasons I got into the computer business was so that I could work 2-3 years then take 4-8 week vacation.  Then if I became really hot and in demand I could become a contract developer.  I could work for 6 months then take 2-3 months off. 

Several friends and I have been conversing about vacation policy.  I am more frequently hearing of  annual use or stop accruing vaction time.  So my delema is how to travel and see the world when limited to  2 weeks a year.  Two weeks is barely enough time to get over the jet lag.   The frustrating part is to take off and travel for 1+month, I would have to quit my job.  Give up my seniority and any benifits that come with time in the company.

In college I had no money to go anywhere or see anything, but I had time.

Now that I have a career, I have the money to go where ever I want, and generally do what I want.  I just cannot get away from the office.

When I am old and cannot work.   I may have the money,  I'll defintely have the time.  Problem is my body won't want to travel,  and my money will probably spent on medicine and the old persons home

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Lord this is slow

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